Fly across the sky?
Or even swim under the sea?
Would you do anything?
For chocolate (chocolate, chocolate)
What would you do?
If you were gonna get chocolate for free?
Would you do
Absolutely anythin' for chocolate?
Would you


Fly across the sky
Or even swim under the sea
Would you do anything?


'Cause chocolate everyday
Makes you wanna scream
Chocolate everyday
Makes you wanna say
'I love chocolate,
I'll do anythin' for chocolate'

I knew a girl
She was caught up in chocolate
Ate too much
She had ten million bars each day
But then she got sick
Kept gettin' worse
Then she died one day in June
Now would you

Repeat bridge and chorus

I knew a boy
He didn't eat too much chocolate
That's why he was unpopular
But at least he didn't eat too much
And didn't die
The little guy
He didn't

Repeat bridge and chorus

Hear the stories
Who was better?
The boy or the girl
Just try to be like the boy
And have it once in a while
Just try to be like the boy and don't

Repeat bridge and chorus twice
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Chocolate Lyrics

Kidz – Chocolate Lyrics