You'll find me here
From happy hour to closing time
The jukebox playing the same old songs
A hundred times
Bartender looks at me with the saddest eyes
When I say keep 'em comin'
Till I'm stumbling
The way you did last night

I ain't hurting nobody but me
Ain't no one wondering when I'm coming home
Ain't nowhere I gotta to be
The only heart I'm breaking
Is the broken one inside of me
So take my keys
And pour my drink
And let, me, be
'Cause I ain't hurting nobody but me

There was a time, so many times
I caused her pain
I saw her cry
But I closed my eyes
And I wouldn't change
And I became all those things
That now I hate
I swore I'd never hurt another
And since the day she left

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I Ain't Hurtin' Nobody But Me Lyrics