Bring it on,
I got a half a jar of moonshine,
Some whiskey and some cheap whine,
Left over from the last time you said your last goodbye
Thats what you want bring it on

And a big ol' stack of leaving songs
Just awaiting to be turned back on
And ill crank em up and sing along
Sickened that your gone so go ahead
Bring it on

Break my heart, yeah shoot me down
I know I can take it now,
Don't wait any longer it'll make me stronger
Break my heart, get it over with
Get on with your goodbye kiss
Girl its now or never
Cause its the last time you'll ever break my heart
You break my heart

That little blond down at the club
The one your so jealous of
Well late last night she called me up
And heard we're breaking up
Its what you want, bring it on

And my buddies that you hated
They knew we wouldn't make it
So there takin' me to Vegas
And I hate to keep em waiting
Go ahead, yeah bring it on


Do what you've gotta do
Break my heart
I guess somebody's gotta lose
Break my heart
Ill get over you
Break my heart

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Break My Heart Lyrics

Keith Anderson – Break My Heart Lyrics

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