Check this out
Real quick
I don't know if everybody know us personally as individuals
So what I want to do right know is
Is I want to take this timeout just to introduce everybody
So let me just introduce everybody

I need from the people up top
From the people on the bottom
And the people in the back on both sides
To give it up when I say

(When the music is the soul)
(And the soul is the music)

So what I want to do right now
Is I just want to go back a little bit with y'all
Check this out

Yo, dressed in indigenous garb sittin' abroad
The words that I use to be awed people applaud
Now watch how the brother adapt fill in the gaps perhaps
I play the block until the curb collapse
Now check the method and put the message on record
Promote the effort and change the neighborhood preference
And keep 'em guessing from the old to the adolescent
It's J5 and it ain't no half steppin'

The word play we display
Can only convey the vibe when they DJ
Colonial rep but far from the empecee
Feel sorry for those who by stand innocently
The menace in me divides men's courage in half
I murdered my staff
Demolished every nerd in my path
The verbal giraffe
We tower over new day jive
We do play live
Ask the people who they fly
The crew J5

We ride right into the night
Words that we write
We're calm then a settle your site
Come to the light
The word play we display
Kept us movin from Tokyo to LA
Catch the feelin' as we move on
Follow the groove and steadily soothe
Gotch you all comin' in two
Follow the crew
No mean thing cause we tied like shoe strings
When we sing you hear buzz like bee stings

(Thank you, thank you)

This is a, uh, very historical moment for us as Jurassic 5 man for real man
I feel like, uh you know, we have some serious support out here...

You know we bring this back 4 you
So you know we bring this back 4 you
So you know we know we know we know we know we
So you know we bring this back 4 you

Yeah, what, yeah
When we play you walk this way
We walk in faith I hope you feelin' great
We came here tonight just to celebrate
Put ya hands up high you know we're rockin' the place
If you came here to hate you came way to late
Jurassic emcees have came to set shit straight
Originality, check the way we originate
Style and communicate check the way we demonstrate

Countdown three two one
Some rappers a speak the real
And I can see through some
I focus my sound
I never sellin' surplus pounds
I'm workin' to smash and drown all you circus clowns
You try to dis and get your rims crushed like ants eggs
From my fate to where my tims touch my pants legs
We indestructible plus we's magnificent kings
Beat over book by overlooking insignificant things
That bullshit that you bring

You know we bring this back 4 you
So you know we bring this back 4 you
So you know we bring this back 4 you
So you know we bring this back 4 you
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Back 4 U Lyrics

Jurassic 5 – Back 4 U Lyrics


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