Yo, I create off drum drops and ate away blacktops
Grab the mic so you don't react
The double X Polo shirt with the hat to match
In fact, we verbally vibrate your track

[Marc 7even]
Then crush your confidence like plastic condiments
Build you up to break you down like forgotten monuments
The question is this: will they return with the hot shit?
Or keep it on the low flow

[Charli 2na]
Yo, and for you confused bastards, Tuna the blues master
Quick to grib the mic, crews fast and sound clashing
Critical mass, pinnacle blast have been deflected
Hypodermic vocals I flash get you infected

I don't sip on brew, so this Bud's for you
Speak when spoken to whenever you come through
My vibes fill you, Internal Revenue
You rhyme prostitute
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The Influence Lyrics

Jurassic 5 – The Influence Lyrics

Songwriters: Givens, Dante Lamar / Henderson, Courtenay D. / MacFadden, Lucas Christian / Potsic, Mark Ali / Stuart, Marc F. / Stewart, Charles L. / Paich, Martin Marty Louis
The Influence lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., SPIRIT MUSIC GROUP

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