Wheels go round and round it seems
Like we never stop to rest
Saturday was beautiful
All dressed in our Sunday best
People came from miles away
Just to say goodbye
Little Sara was so afraid
She hid behind a smile
What are we going to do was never said out loud

We drove down to the liquor store
For a mask and a trampoline
I'd been there a thousand times before
But it did not seem the same
The house was full of people
All day then they were gone
All the rooms seemed smaller than
They did when I was young
What are we gonna do was never said out loud

We'll get up in the morning
And we work all day
We'll come home in the evening sun
There's nothing more to say
Except for thank you man
For the gifts you bring
The Lord respects me when I'm working hard
But he loves me when I sing

I dreamt about him for six nights in a row
Little pictures of him smiling down
On our lives in a flash of gold
He looked so young and strong
All tan brown from the sun
A red and black checkered flannel shirt
But his watch and his ring were gone
What are we going to do was never said out loud
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Sunday Best Lyrics

Jeff Black – Sunday Best Lyrics