Today, on a downtown sidewalk
I saw you today
You smiled
You looked happy with him
So I tried to Smile
I told you I was strong now
But Baby I Lied
I was dying inside

Still, after all of this time
One look at you stops this whole world of mine
Still, just the thought of your kiss
I close my eyes I can taste your sweet lips
You get to me
You always have, always will
Girl you make my heart
Stand still

I tried, I tried to be strong and move on
Believe me I tried
But then, I realized
There's no way I can win
When my whole world is turning
In the palm of your hand
And I'm left standing


Now everyday is the same
Nothing has changed
You're all I see in my mind
I'd beg, steal, I'll borrow
For just one tomorrow
But here I am frozen inside

Girl you make my heart
Stand Still
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Still Lyrics

Jason Mccoy – Still Lyrics

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