Ten million Teardrops can?t be wrong
I can?t deny it, all that I want
But my love for you is a long way gone

I thought that after all of this time
I?d have your memory off of my mind
But Ten Million Teardrops can?t be wrong

Verse 1
I tell myself, that I don?t miss you
Not for a moment do you cross my mind
I try to lie, say I don?t need you
?Till these small drops of truth fall from my eyes



Verse 2
No, I can?t say you didn?t warn me
There?d come a reign of pain and regret
Try as I may, not to remember
This constant downpour, won?t let me forget


Ten Million Teardrops
Wish you were still here drops
Ten Million Teardrops Can?t be Wrong.

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Ten Million Teardrops Lyrics

Jason Mccoy – Ten Million Teardrops Lyrics