You'll never haul the heat to the bite of the grind, to emulate
Disgression has left this hard to swallow
Sour notes of dissolution, played off as dissoance
To make believe its attaraction
Appearance is violation, scare tactics an all time low
As an art of seduction is extolled
Incinerate the harvest - infernal - burn them out
The sleaze will hide behind evils device

Insensitive conviction that seeks shelter in parody
Harlot lips will stick with exaggeration
Social armor but a reason to lie, calling loud for the
Crutch of acceptance just to make the soundtrack more inviting
No more empathy (fire away)
Alter moral crux uncover the real decadence (censor resistance)
Disregard the purchase of faith but don't dare to be defiant
Disregard the solicitation that reinvents contempt
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Sleezevil Lyrics

Himsa – Sleezevil Lyrics