Downside to dismantle, is the conflict unlike you and me this doom to gloom obsession
The sovereign state of humanity, no renassiance to gaze upon to renovate a feeling for chaos,
No remedy or alibi through immanent reverals divineless intervention this life is sacrifice
Divineless interjection the nature of its providence
(pessimistic whirlwind donned in sheeps clothing)
A war in the head I wander by mistake dowsing the inner demons that ambush in dismal tyranny
Enfold in nightmares, secrets in circumstance like black light to the sense
But there's healing in this dark and if I am in its true form then let me be
Ill fated on the cuff of formality with esoteric belongings noted in its medium passed down
And dealth the hand of its discipline, well worn execution evoked in volumes of revelry
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Wolfchild Lyrics

Himsa – Wolfchild Lyrics