One by one they fall, and I just close my eyes.
It won't be over soon, do
You regret this time? I thought so many
Things were certain. So many friends
Turned to the ones I hate. You fade away forever
The hands of time.
I wanna see the things just how they are feel them,
Like a child would do.
Will this kid in me will survive this process?
Narrowed minds, I'll burst
Your mental chains even, if I'll live like them
My heart is free. I won't
Become a tool, a puppet. I'll bite the
Hand that wants to feed me. My will
To live against your world of zombies.
Blindfold the eye, that watches all
Of us and even, if I live like them my heart is free.
I'll never walk your way, whatever it may take.
You never break my will whatever it may take.
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Whatever It May Take Lyrics

Heaven Shall Burn – Whatever It May Take Lyrics