Out of my hands.
The world lies in debris.
I carry the load.
But I am alone.
Where is the ligth.
That once filled my world.
Where is the fire.
That once warmed my soul, all turn away.
Walk alone, feel the cold.
There is no hope to without.
Knowing your powers.
There is no passion without.
Knowing your aims.
Why shall we live under clouds.
Separated from our love?
There is a ligth we can reach together.
That fills our minds, that answer our questions.
That give the warmth our.
Frozen hearts need to beat in harmony.
Our innerself is the forme we're always looking for.
Trust in yourself.
You're strong as long.
As you believe in your hearts.
Only our passion, our love will avert the ruin.
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Where Is The Light Lyrics

Heaven Shall Burn – Where Is The Light Lyrics