Remember how you used to see me
That day we met the butterflies
Let me know I wasn't dreaming
Pretending not to feel me
While you walking down my street
Playing hard to get
I know you thought I wouldn't work that hard
You didn't think I would let down my guard
Remember how you didn't believe me
When I told you that I thought you were my destiny

Your love is like rain
Come a little closer let me explain
Your love is like rain
Shower your love all over me
Your love is like rain
Lovin' so good hafi' shout your name
Your love is like rain
Who else is gonna make you feel this way

I'm not tryin' to run your life
All I need is you to set me free
I know your boys think you're crazy
Cause all you wanna' do is spend your time with me
It's never too much
Drown me in your love I don't need to breathe
I'm like a flower I need you boy to come water me

[Chorus: x2]
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Rain Lyrics