At first I wrote it "dear you," then it turned,
"to whom it may concern."
I began it in this way because
I needed to express through these words,
How deeply I was hurt,
And how distant from you I now was.
I wrote "normally I would say
These words to your face,
But this time that I just can't do,
Cause I know the way you been movin'
And the things you been doin'
And right now I can't stand the sight of you."

So this is my goodbye
This means we are not together
This means that you're free,
See who you wanna' see, and me,
Well I know I can do better
So this is my goodbye
This makes it official, you've lost me forever
We are now the past, and it's kinda sad
That you had to read it in this letter
This is my goodbye

By the time you finish this
I'll be gone for good, your lesson learned.
Where it is I'll be, and who's lovin' me,
Sorry baby, that's no longer your concern.
And tell your lil' friend she'll be in my prayers,
Cause just having to deal with you
Is enough to break your soul.
I just hope she knows exactly
What it is she's getting into.


Not that it matters to you,
But I wrote this with clear and dry eyes.
The years of being mistreated by you,
I've cried all the tears I can cry.
So this is the end, done and over with.
Believe me when I say that you won't be missed.
No hug, no kiss, signed sincerely.
P.S. Forget you ever knew me.

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The Letter Lyrics

Heather Headley – The Letter Lyrics

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