Frank zappa (guitar, vocals, drum machine)Steve vai (guitar, acoustic guitar)Ray white (guitar, vocals)Roy estrada (vocals)Bob harris (boy soprano)Ike willis (vocals)Bobby martin (keyboards, saxophone, vocals)Tommy mars (keyboards)Arthur barrow (keyboards, bass, micro bass, rhythm guitar)Ed mann (percussion)Scott thunes (bass)Chad wackerman (drums)Vinnie colaiuta (drums)Craig steward (harmonica)Dick fegy (mandolin)Marty krystall (saxophone)You-you-you-oooLook like a dor-r-r-kYou act like a dorkMost of the time, alsoYou’re a dor-r-r-r-kYou are a double-dork butt rashYou are a dork, dork, dork, dor-r-r-r-k!Nobody wants to...You are have nothing to sayYou eat cheese -- you eat cheese and other thingsYou can can wrap up an’ take with youFrom the tableWith luigi & the wise guys at the tableYou are a dorkYou are a dork, dork, dork, dor-r-r-r-k!A double-dork butt rashThere’s one in every crew -- do you know who you are? We know, but we won’t tell youWe don’t want to hurt your feelingsBut you’re a dor-r-r-r-k!Might as well admit itWhen you’re a dorkYou’re a dork, by the wayYou’re a dorkA doubleA double dork butt rashA double butt rash dorkLuigi & the wise guys at the tableYou look like a dorkLook loke a dorkYou act like a dork most of the timeYou’re a dor-r-r-r-kDouble dorkDouble dorkDouble dork butt rash
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We Are Not Alone Lyrics

Frank Zappa – We Are Not Alone Lyrics