(Underwood, Volman, Kaylan)

[Fillmore East, nyc
June 5-6, 1971]

Fz: The Sanzini Brothers!
Howard: The Sanzini Brothers!

Howard: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight by special request, we're going to repeat a trick that we performed last night. We hope that you will bear with, if you saw it, we hope that you enjoy it again. ..
?: Yeah, yeah, yeah
Howard: My brothers Adolf, Rudolph, Pissoff, and jackoff. The Sanzini Brothers. And we'd like to perform for you tonight the world famous "Sodomy Trick"!

Complete silence, please!
The Sodomy Trick!
Quiet. ..

Little Carl. ..
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The Sanzini Brothers Lyrics

Frank Zappa – The Sanzini Brothers Lyrics