Frank zappa (lead guitar, vocals)Ray white (guitar, vocals)Steve vai (guitar)Tommy mars (keyboards)Bobby martin (keyboards, saxophone, vocals)Ed mann (percussion)Scott thunes (bass)Chad wackerman (drums)I signed on the lineFor seven long yearsThey said I’d be a big starThey said I’d get a big carAll the coke I could tubeAll the dope I could shootAll the smoke I could smokeBut now I’m bein’ off ’n brokeThey said I oughta re-recordThe tracks of my tearsThey said: hey! this is it!It’s gonna be a big hitWith my name up in lightsAnd some custom-made tightsAll the girls call my name(massimo!)But it was all just a gameNigger biznisNigger biznisWell, nigger biznis all the timeWell, nigger biznis has brought disasterOn top of this here heart of mine(well, now’s the time to play the blues!)Well, one day that contract will expireOne day I will be freeFrom that nig-ger, nig-gig-gig-ger, nigger biznisAll this nigger biznisAll this repressing me nigger biznisNigger biznisOh, nigger biznis all the time, all alongWell, nigger biznis has brought destructionWhich is why you’re here in this song
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Nig Biz Lyrics

Frank Zappa – Nig Biz Lyrics