[Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria
May 8, 1988
Rudi-Sedlmeyer Sporthalle, Munich, Germany
May 9, 1988]

I used to have a job
An' I was doin' fairly well
Depression came along
An' everybody start to yell
"Where'd they go, them good ol' days,
'An all that crap we used to sell? "
Now I'm in Hot-Plate Heaven,
At the Green Hotel

Republicans is fine,
If you're a multi-millionaire
Democrats is fair,
If all you own is what you wear
Neither of 'em's really right,
'Cause neither of 'em care
'Bout that Hot-Plate Heaven,
'Cause they ain't been there

They really oughta go
'n find out how the hall-way smell -
They'd benefit to know
'Bout what the bums in there could tell
(I guess we're only dreamin',
But I s'pose it's just as well
That's all you get to dream
Up in the Green Hotel)

Nature didn't put me here,
An' neither did my fate -
It musta been some evil ol'
Republican candidate!
He's over there in Washington,
But I wish he was in hell
'Cause I'm in Hot-Plate Heaven
At the Green Hotel

Things is slightly better now
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Hot-plate Heaven At The Green Hotel Lyrics

Frank Zappa – Hot-plate Heaven At The Green Hotel Lyrics