Frank zappa (dialog)Motorhead sherwood (dialog)Arthur tripp (dialog)Ian underwood (dialog)Fz:They’re really getting professional now. in the dressing room waiting for the vanilla fudge to go off motorhead and arthur dyer tripp the third are playing cards.Arthur:Pair of queens what is this shit? Motorhead:Pissy, pissy poop.Arthur:Can I go down with two cards? Motorhead:Pissy, pissy poop.Arthur:Do it this way. give me a good chance buddy.Motorhead:I’ll take that sonabitch.Arthur:You better notMotorhead:I took it.Arthur:Oh, you’re running for a spade straight, are ya? Motorhead:I took it.Arthur:Oh, I got your number.Motorhead:Oh whaddaya know.Arthur:I knew it.You have any other one I want? (phhht!)I hear a fuzztone.WahhhMotorhead:You shink evvyzing gonna be awright? Arthur:Is this an accounting office?
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A Game Of Cards Lyrics

Frank Zappa – A Game Of Cards Lyrics