Writer(s): kipling/speaksBy the old moulmein pagodaLooking eastward to the seaThere’s a burma gal a settin’And I know that she waits for meAnd the wind is in those palm treesAnd the temple bells they sayCome you back you mother soldierCome you back to mandalay, come you back to mandalayCome you back to mandalayWhere the old flotilla layI can here those paddles chonkin’From rangoon to mandalayOn the road to mandalayWhere the flying fishes playAnd the dawn comes up like thunderOut of china across the bayShip me somewhere east of suezWhere the best is like the worstAnd there ain’t no ten commandmentsAnd a cat can raise a thirstAnd those crazy bells keep ringing’cause it’s there that I long to beBy the egg foo yong pagodaLooking eastward to the see
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On The Road To Mandalay Lyrics

Frank Sinatra – On The Road To Mandalay Lyrics