Start spreading the news, they're leaving today
We're glad to be a part of this retirement do
These vagabond dudes, are longing to stray
Right to the very heart of adventure anew

They want to wake up in September and go back to sleep
And find their term time excursions remarkably cheap

The Reports and marking blues are melting away
Theyll make a brand new start of it, in B and Q
If They can make it there, They'll make it anywhere
It's up to you, Retirement Crew

Poustie, Richard and Chru (Pek)
Roger Double W
Itime for those Pipes, slippers or that Saga cruise

These Common Room dudes are melting away
They'll make a brand new start of it, in Waitrose queues
We'll miss your breezy air, we'll miss your chessboard flair
Hats off to you, Retirement Crew!
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New York, New York Lyrics