Despite all the spiteful things I say, I still need this like the air I
Still need this to prop up these tired bones, cause my youth is leaving.
Never to be seen again, stripped from me by time and pressure.

So I bang the drum in a sound of declaration of war against the world that
Is dark and calculated, like a killer in the shadows.
Remove me from this calculation.

This is a war so many will never know.
Opposition to the world that is stark raving mad and cold.
I'm scared this anger won't last much longer.

Despite all the bullshit I say, I still need this to breathe life into me.
Stoke the ashes, spark the flame, feed the fire, burn down the lies.
Burn through this rhetoric, burn it all down.
Face the world like a roaring blaze, before all the tears begin to turn

Burn down everything that stands in our way.
Bang the drum.
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The Sound Of Arson Lyrics

Foundation – The Sound Of Arson Lyrics