I'm sucked in, I don't know why
I'm in trouble. I wish that I
Had a signal to signify
The weight of your hair tonight.
It's pulling at my shoulder blades.
Wish I could bleach away:
The black on this page,
The look on your face,
The lock on my cage,
And The weight of your stare tonight.
Let's have a conversation
We'll discuss all the things we
Keep on saying when there's walls between.
Who knows? My mouth is me.
Engines of alienation.

The things you said
I can't forget
Thought I would, but I haven't yet.
Thought I was tough, but I take it back.
There's a split in my tracks.
It's not polite.
Surprise, surprise.
I couldn't count
On broken ties.
Just like me: philanthropist.
We'll display it in my chest(???)


And I couldn't figure out the bridge if anyone
Wants to make a correction I would
be very thankful.
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Engines Of Alienation Lyrics

Foundation – Engines Of Alienation Lyrics