Virginity, divinity is choking my affinity to laugh
Out loud.
Virtually integrity I take myself so seriously, a bath
Is what I need.
Apathy, usually strangles my ability to cry.
Do you know why?
Ignorantly courageously, ignoring lack of chemistry
To try
To live again.
Why does it seem
This is a dream
Who do I fight
Cause if I'm wrong the song won't come out right
So evilly
The enemy
Tempts me with civility not fair
What a dirty trick.
Teases me pleases me heterosexuality is where
I lose myself.
Magically tragically it's only heart felt honesty for me but I'm trying to lie. Gracefully tastefully, pursuing acts of tragedy you seeâ?¦ I'm not that great.
If I'm wrong the sun comes out at night.

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If I'm Wrong Lyrics

Flying Blind – If I'm Wrong Lyrics