I fall asleep.
Wearing nothing at all.
Wishing you'd be, be there to blow my mind.
In the middle of silly cotton laced cartwheels I noticed you were jealous and gay.

So I lay.
Curled up in your shadow.
As you play your baby grand piano.
I hear you sing, things look pretty good which means we've stumbled through another day.

How can we fight when theres nothing left to say to you?
I might seem lacking int the way I try to say to you
I like the way you like the way I look at you in shadowed rooms,
With blanket smiles that brush against your mind.

You broke my watch. Yet it's a beautiful day to fall in love coddle the afterthoughts.
Of why things won't mend I can't comprehend what happened on our strawberry hill.


Asleep againâ?¦ this tim I'm truly alone.
And so I dream, dream I was flying again. I saw a plane.
An airplane in the sky, with me.

Jump out of bed. And blaze my way to the kitchen.
Try to call but the dial tone is missing.
So I cry in my coffee and writhe on the floor, this is no way to start a brand new day.

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Another Day Lyrics

Flying Blind – Another Day Lyrics

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