A crimson sun rises
See the beast in disguise
Gathers legions and armies
For the time is soon at hand

From the north they are marching
Calling forth all the righteous
The crusade will begin
And a war shall rape the land

A struggle fought beyond the veil
Their armies clash - Heaven and Hell
A secret war beyond the veil
Walk with angels or where Lucifer fall

Our lives at stake beyond the veil
A blood-red darn who will live to tell?
Another realm beyond the veil
Where our nightmares shall dwell!

Violence and bloodshed
While the stars turning blood-red
Swords clash and souls weep
Armageddon has come at last

Fiery blades glisten
While the black steel delivers
Archangels and demons wage war
While the spell is cast
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Beyond The Veil Lyrics

Excess Pressure – Beyond The Veil Lyrics