The night my companion, bowstring and steel
Dark knowledge I carry, no moon can reveal

They killed all I treasured, now I make them pay!
Their bodies all broken shall scatter my way

A warrior-champion, a lord of the blade,
Slayer of darkness and master of fate
The soul of the hunter in search for his prey,
To banish all evil, the reckoning day!

Immortal in legends, his trail of revenge
His deeds unforgotten, he'll prevail in the end
The blade of the hunter shall come for them all,
To challenge his honor the price is your soul!

This sword I was given by mages of old
To grant me my vengeance, it's blade greets me cold

The path I have chosen I walk to atone
Forever the hunter, forever alone!
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Soul Of The Hunter Lyrics

Excess Pressure – Soul Of The Hunter Lyrics