You're not the first girl
To dry her fears on her arms
In hopes to capture
All the memories that hunted you down
You can sew your lips shut
With your heart strings
Cause God knows that you dont need them to hold yourself together

But dont look down because I dont know
Falling is fatal from this height I know
I should've never helped you up
This high, this high

You're not the first girl
To cut her fears in her arms
Then let them trickle down
Past memories to pools in your hands
You can hang yourself with your heartstrings
Cause I know you wont use them to hold yourself up anymore


Pull the needle from the back of my veins
Pull the needle, pull the pin from my picture
From my picture

And I will fall to the floor
But you have to pull yourself together


This high, this high
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Pin-Up Lyrics

Evans Blue – Pin-Up Lyrics