You lived a time of lies until you told me everything
I hope we make amends, but you don't
Life taught you how to fly and then you flew away from me
You left me haunted, star the ending image of the one

Because they're still in you too low
All the voices you don't know
And they're still in you too low
All the choices that you chose

You harbored all the wasted sighs to define the quiet drone
I'll let you start again, but you won't
I saw you pray for change and then you walked all over me
You wanted what you could not have and now you are alone


Make the voices tell me who you are, and who I am to be

Are you alone where you are tonight?
I'm alone when you're right here
But I'm still in you somehow
I never left at all
Now I'm still in you too low
So my voice is all you know


Leave you nothing left to hold
When you're nothing it's a good time to remind you of one thing
The pursuit begins when this portrayal of life ends
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The Pursuit Lyrics

Evans Blue – The Pursuit Lyrics


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