So you think you've got me figured out
Studied every detail, now you know me inside and out
But do you see me as I am, or as you want me to be?
Do you...

Color me - change the black from white
Color me - use any hue you like
Paint the picture but stay within the lines
Escape your oppressor, transgress your transgressor
Turn it upside down

Why blame me when you don't get your way
The glass house where you live is just a stone's throw away
It's easy to point the finger and look away from yourself
So you...


Your masterpiece complete; but you left out one formality
You can paint till fingers bleed, but you'll never change reality

How does it feel to sculpt the world to your plan?
Draw me the villain if you don't get your demands
Now you're out in the rain, and the colors are washing away
Still you...

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Paint The Picture Lyrics

Enchant – Paint The Picture Lyrics

Songwriters: DOUG OTT
Paint The Picture lyrics © BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC

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