The gray light of the morning, the blue-green of the sea
A leaf splashed with color, falling from a tree
The sparkle in a diamond, the fire of the sun
They all seemed much brighter, am I the only one
To see them slowly slip away?
Something changes a little day by day

Gazing at a rainbow, a brilliant vast array
Staggered by it's beauty, saddened by it's modest stay
Taken all for granted, or innocence betrayed
A lesson in mortality: eventually every color fades

The blush of a woman, the warmth of a touch
The novelty of love, feelings within my clutch
I try to savor but it doesn't taste the same
Senses numbed and jaded a little day by day


...Away slowly, but surely as if it were the setting sun
A child comes of age, gains life experience
Time gathers innocence and trades it in for wisdom

Like walking through the snow, it's purity is stained
Like a shooting star across the sky never meant to remain...

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Colors Fade Lyrics