I see an angel, fed up and pale
You've been a sleeper
You have been getting stale my friend
Time to leave the vale again

Back on the runway you accelerate
Get out of the tight spot and fly
Take your chance tonight
I'll give you a ride tonight

And as the sun is gonna rise
I gonna make you come alive
You can fly, reach for the sky
It's the rise of the morning glory

Scream and shout, cry it out loud
We are coming back to life
Now open your eyes
Witness the rise

Rise of the morning glory
When you're next to me
You're gonna see:

Everyday they're wounding your pride
Try to break you
And make you let go
The dreams you once have had

They'll never understand
There is a bastion that won't ever fall
Our passion, aour magic, our fire
Let them run us down

I couldn't care less about
There is no time to waste
You better quicken up your race
You can fly...
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Rise Of The Morning Glory Lyrics

Edguy – Rise Of The Morning Glory Lyrics