Too much time to get lost in the maze
Tell me, isn't that strange?
You bleed to get there - you are ready
You were ready, to be a bird in a golden cage

Sweat is breaking on my brow
Where's the freak to ease my pain?
The room is dark and big and empty
Silence drivin' me insane

Night has fallen - demons laughing
I am waiting for the light of day
Here's the land of milk and honey
There you got the price to pay

Searching for shelter
riding the pendelum to paradise
As I'm reaching higher - what a pure desire
I'm swinging back towards the edge

And I drift away - killing sacrifice
Here I go insane
What a price to pay - little sacrifice
I set off to Heaven, and found bedlam

There's a part of me that has not been sold
Save me please, embrace me, hold me
And kiss my bleeding soul
You can't see below the creature
That's pounding, sitting in my neck
If you'd see inside my head
You surely wouldn't turn your back on me

I'm looking for shelter
Riding the pendelum to paradise
As I'm reaching higher - what a pure desire
Swinging back towards the abyss

And I drift away...

Nothing remains the same
But still I hear those voices
Nothing remains the same
Where am I gonna go is it my destination
Or just a sick temptation
I remember home when demons came
And I got swept away from me
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Sacrifice Lyrics

Edguy – Sacrifice Lyrics