Bastard simpleton
Blank stare, ignorant
Pauper of your mind, body and soul
Slave bought ignorance
Graves dug diligent
Who the fuck are you digging them for?

Die slow degenerate
Your last chance came and went
Bury your head in the sand
Wait for the high tide

Cry for embrace
Patience swept under the wave
Washed up and frail like a stray dog
Muzzled and chained
Sister scapegoat
Failure, take me far away
Free from the idiot nature
Mind of the knave

Flock mentality
Sheep in wolves clothing
Useless life form
Mindless peasant
Inane and vague
Jaded and spent

Your dreams are not your own
Puppet-strung, feeble clone
Marionette, dance for your master some more

Coward, imbecile
Stand on window sill
Jump for the sake of your kin
Be a martyr tonight

Free yourself to free us all of shame
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The Imbecile Lyrics

Draconic – The Imbecile Lyrics