All praise the new dawn
Stranded in dissonance
The end of ages to come arrives
Left by the wayside our crimes are revealed
The fallen hour sighs
Creating a void drenched in disrespect
Our foolish pride
I, the betrayer
The soulless purveyor of truth bound in ignorance
Half alive
Body and mind
Look beyond to find what makes it sedate us, fall back and then die

Don't say a word now!
Kitty got your tongue?

(Spoiled then reprieved
Machine be my savior
Filaments flickered and sang)
Into electric hands
Pierce this form
Tear my limbs away

Little baby, little baby don't
Little baby, little baby, don't cry
Twinkle starlight, twinkle starlight, shine
Lullaby, lullaby
Don't cry
Don't cry

Like fireflies
Sun of the vortex
Bled through starless horizons
The rage of one
Collapsing sun god
We are the fallen entities
Dead but unaware, we rust
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Bleak Future Trauma Lyrics

Draconic – Bleak Future Trauma Lyrics