Blind eyes of justice, deaf ears of power
Dumb lose our money
Left us in a desperate hour
Driving me out of my sanity
Rebellious, Revolution
Is it the final solution?
Final Solution!

Angels surrender, killed in their tracks
Babies, women raped
Leaders on their backs
Religious delusions
Stoned confusions
Prepare your Revolution
Is this the final solution?

The roots of man's insanity
The truth of wars inhumanity
Let's all just pray on it right now...

Brother the warpath
Is painted with liberty
Propaganda, hypocrisy
Have we lost our constitution?

Rebellious, revolution
Is this the final solution?
A rebellious revolution
Is this the final solution?
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Revolution Lyrics

Dr. John – Revolution Lyrics

Songwriters: Movshon, Nicholas Anthony / Auerbach, Daniel / Olive, Brian / Rebennack, Malcolm J / Weissenfeldt, Maximilian / Michels, Leon
Revolution lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., EMI Music Publishing

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