I haven't slept in three whole weeks,
And life's catching up to me yea,
This time around-

And I think that I'm over due for,
A pretty girl like you but,
You're off the ground.

Ohh what to do?
What should I do?
Well maybe I could sit on the porch and drink a beer,
Or two or three... Or six!

Or maybe I could go to sleep for hours or days,
Or weeks or years but,

No matter what I do,
I'll still be, livin' through,
The best of times, the worst of times,

And I guess it makes more sense if I-

Just let it, go-
I'll just let it, go-

I've had friends walk out on me,
I can't trust most family.
Where could I turn?

But my guitar she's always there,
And music's everywhere, that's,
A lesson learned.

Ohh what to do?
What could I do?

Well I could play a different show every night,
Just for crowds of three,
Or I could risk it all on tour and play her when I feel hungry,

But it'll always be me and her, fighting for this dream,
Cause she makes me sing...

So I'll let it, go-
I'll just let it, go-

Roll it off,
My shoulders now.

Just let it go.
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Let It Go Lyrics

Donnie Sands – Let It Go Lyrics