I never thought I, could relate to somebody the way,
That I do you,
Eversince that day, I sat down, you said hey,
After I spotted you accross the room,
Well I'm sorry if I don't make sense, you just have that effect on me,
Just give me a moments to catch my breath,
So I can try on more time to speak.

I can't explain, you do something, to me.
You make it hard to breathe, you take my breath, away-

And though I know we're just getting started, it's impossible to say,
I'm hoping that I will know you forever,
And that this feeling never goes away,
When you tell a joke and you laugh out loud,
Well I just can't help but smile,
And the way you are and you carry yourself,
Makes me want to sit and talk a while.

(And I hope you know, I hope, you know-)

Well we're getting wasted, you make me laugh all day-
And you kill me well girl you take my breath away-
Oh I hope you know, that you sweep me off my feet-
And when I look up and you're smiling, yea,
Well my heart, it skips a beat... For you-
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Breathless Lyrics

Donnie Sands – Breathless Lyrics