I've been trying to tell you that I don't know what I want,
Still you expect answers by tomorrow
And I can't give you that just more confusion and sorrow.
I didn't want to do that, So I keep it all under my hat
And in my head, You know I bit my tongue so hard sometimes it bled.
Still you insist, truth dare or kiss
It's all dangerous, But if you insist, I'll take the risk
And dive in it

I'm like a person in a heatwave,
And you are the water that I crave, I really want you inside me
But you just swim around me like the sea
Does that salt in your mouth help to digest me
Is it like sterilising something dirty,
Well, if I 'm that hard to bear, then, Why don't you stop putting me in there
Heart first, head second, Heart first, and then everything else in.
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If You Insist Lyrics

Diana Anaid – If You Insist Lyrics