Seems like I've known you all my life
In an unknown sort of way
Like we're on the same road
But different sides
And you're calling out my name
I've never met you but I won't forget
The dream of your voice
Wrapped around my head
I've never felt your touch
But I know it's strong
With a world of people in between
Yours is the only one
Eventually your shouts
Became a whisper of wind
That I couldn't hear for anything
And you, unseen are as my King
Touch my tenderness
Like a feather on my skin
Ok I admit it I'd like to spend
Some time with you in person
Would that be ok with you
Alright here I am
What are you going to do
I think I'll stop and sit instead
Of following your shadow
Maybe you'll go round the block
And stop you never know
If you did I don't know what I'd say to you
Maybe just the closer you get, the better the view.
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Wrapped Around My Head Lyrics

Diana Anaid – Wrapped Around My Head Lyrics