He's been with the world
And i'm tired of the soup du jour
He's been with the world
I wanna end this prophylactic tour
Afraid nobody around here
Understands my potato
Guess i'm only a spudboy
Looking for a real tomato
we're the smart patrol
nowhere to go
suburban robots that monitor reality
common stock
we work around the clock
we shove the poles in the holes
Wait a minute
Something's wrong
He's the man from the past
He's here to do us a favor
A little human sacrifice
It's just supply and demand
mr. kamikazi mr. dna
he's an altruistic pervert
mr. dna mr. kamikazi
he's here to spread some genes
Wait a minute
Something's wrong
He's a man with a plan
His finger is pointed at devo
Now we must sacrifice ourselves
That many others may live
Ok we've got a lot to give
This monkey wants a word with you
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Smart Patrol/mr. Dna Lyrics

Devo – Smart Patrol/mr. Dna Lyrics

Songwriters: Casale, Gerald V / Mothersbaugh, Mark Allen
Smart Patrol/mr. Dna lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

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