Permit me, or just let me
Let me come forth for the few
Who in search of gold in the mountains
Have altered my whole point of view

Now it's gotten over my head
I get tired of preaching hope to the dead
Now it's gotten over my head
If you'd only take the ride
Cause all that's left is you

You walk in line in search of better days
You look for that partner with whom to play

That shining light to be your guide
So no longer will you be forced to hide


Take me from my knees (to the back door)
Someone lead me please (to the back door)
Tired of trying the front door baby (to the back door)
Wanna find the easy way (to the back door)
Take me to the place
Wanna win this crazy race
Someone lead me please
Take me from my knees
(Groove out)!
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Over My Head Lyrics

Crown Of Thorns – Over My Head Lyrics

Songwriters: JEAN BEAUVOIR
Over My Head lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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