I want to free you
But I need a sign
I want to be with you
'Til the end of time
My glass is empty
But my heart is open wide
Need you to lead me
To your other side


If you need me in your heart again
Then why must we pretend
If you need me,
Spread your arms and let me in
If you need me to give love again
And right up 'til the end
If you need me,
It's not hard - just let me in
(Let me in, baby)

I've tried to show you
But your guard was up
I've tried to know you
Now I'm giving up
I wanna see through
That cloud that's in the air
How can I break through
To the love I know that's there

Repeat chorus
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If You Need Me Lyrics

Crown Of Thorns – If You Need Me Lyrics