So sorry, it got out of hand
Sometimes it happens, You understand
The prisoners broke free, inside of them was our experiment
Like LSD to go public it was never meant
Now we must, immediately close the file
All accusations, the usual way, we must deny
The shadow minds, gathered around the Pentagram
They always fight, a war, on our planet grand

Angel of death has come this way and to stay
Using his forces, and its resources, to spread the decay

The knowledge of the facts, are kept in the dark
A disease You can't see, still it's in Your body & heart
Panic buttons are pushed around the world
There's no solution, still they pretend like they never heard
There is no safe sex and condoms won't save You
Tell me brothers and sisters, what are You going to do
Now the world is entering a sad state
We see no difference between true love and hate


Children of love arise
Now's the time to use all understanding
Children of God arise
Now You've got to move faster than lightning

To help these people out, all minds are set
We pay no attention to those who haven't caught it yet
This is what really makes me ill
To prevent it to go further, it seems to be no will
There's only one way to go right now
You don't like it but listen anyhow
Give those people a country, help them build it well
Work this out or we will face global hell

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Angel Of Death Lyrics

Count Raven – Angel Of Death Lyrics