All the sorrows mine
Spitting on all mankind
What is this thing called love
A disgusting thing we all know

You made love to another
That night I cried
In lust you cheated me
That night I died
You say you're sorry
That you love only me
But that night when you did it
You weren't thinking of me
That night I died

Been dead for fifteen years
Nursing my hate and tears
I'm sorry I didn't know
But my hate is always slow

One side of me loves you and keeps going on
The other side says no way, this is only wrong
I cannot live in this uncertainty
Love and hate that struggles over destiny
That night I died

I'm living in unharmony
Sitting and watching my TV
Oh God!
They say unfaithfulness doesn't mean a thing
How come that my hate keeps my growing?
As old as creation, this thing was sent
I'm the history, past, present
Listen! Past, present

Only death will set me free
Living is a mad reality
I'm blind and I can see
Please ends this misery

This eternal prison I feel I've done my time
I want to get out now and make you all mine
Fear that I will one day end the beating of your heart
How could you forget, til death do us part
One night you're going to die
And I will cry
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Until Death Do Us Part Lyrics

Count Raven – Until Death Do Us Part Lyrics