With great intrigue he stares ahead at the divide
An old picket gate spans across both trails
One more narrow, the other more wide
Unsure of his route, he digs deep, down into his pockets
Dirty hands unfold a worn, wrinkled map for guidance

Wrapped in light like a garment to find my way
Still, scared my eyes missed the arrow
I breathe in relief, when I hear my sweet Jesus say
“There’s new life if you follow the narrow”
Follow the narrow

Decisions made he enters the road less traveled
Brilliant colors burst from the gray
Past mysteries start to unravel, reviving his skin
A warm, kind wind whispering welcome
Breathes in deep and slow
Peace fills his lungs to the bottom

I’m a willing seed for You to sow
Underneath Your fount of love I’ll grow
I will taste the everlasting flow
When I follow, follow the narrow
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Follow The Narrow Correct Lyrics Lyrics

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