Once a tall and slender sturdy reed, at the water’s edge
But the winds they came and bruised you, leaving you for dead
Now you’re bent and twisted, barely able to survive
Did you know that He won’t break you?
His love will revive

Oh the memories remain
And you can’t seem to get away

He’s able and willing, if you’ll take Him back
And reveal your places of pain
He’s able and willing to forgive and forget
Pouring peace in your canyons of shame

Once a light that pierced the darkness, bright orange flame
But the winds they came and blew you, smoldering in shame
Now the tears run silent splashing, softly on your shoes
Did you know He came to light you?
Never to accuse

No, He’ll never break a bruised reed
He’ll never snuff a dying flame

Can you feel the tender touch
Of a God who loves you dearly?
There’s a place within His heart
For all the bruised and weary
If you’re weary…
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Able And Willing Lyrics

Clear – Able And Willing Lyrics