Look out
There's danger all about
Can't you feel it in the air

Look out
There's danger all about
You had better beware

Whoa, under a darkenin' sky
Whoa, There's a full moon on the rise

Look out there's a highway man about
No traveler is safe on the road
Look out and never be in doubt
This night is about to explode

Whoa, from the shadows he's suddenly there
Whoa, and then you will hear him declare

Stand and deliver
I'll take your money or your life
Stand and deliver
And tonight, I just might, take your wife

Look out A coach has been surprised
Crossing ? moor
No doubt the gold that's been ?
Will be given to the poor

Whoa, For the poor who've been ? every day
My fine friends, give it up
Now it's your turn to pay


Look out The gentry and the rich
For I have taken an oath
Look out No matter which is which
I will steal from you both

[Chorus: x2]
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Stand And Deliver Lyrics

Celtic Thunder – Stand And Deliver Lyrics