In my time I’ve been a few places and I’ve many a story to tell.
Here I am still as strong as I’ve been all along,
I’m not ready for heaven or hell.

There are people who do need remindin’
That I’m still the boss around here.
I still call every shot and I’ll tell you what’s what
And what’s not, do I make myself clear.

I’m not ready to roll over
I’m still the daddy of them all,
I’m still the top banana
They still answer when I call.
I’m older, yes but I’m wiser
And they’d better not forget
I’m not ready to roll over,
Cause there’s life in the old dog yet. (Final 2x)

You can put an old head on young shoulders
My advice is the best I can give
Let them make their mistakes let them fight for their breaks
Let them learn how to love and to live.

I’ve only got the one daughter, time she married a man of her own
And the one I have planned has got plenty of land,
She’ll be grand and I’ll stand all alone.

Chorus 2x
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Life In The Old Dog Yet Lyrics

Celtic Thunder – Life In The Old Dog Yet Lyrics