We live it up, we tear it down
Another night, another town
Only one thing that stays the same
We keep it fast and keep it loud
I'm ready, are you ready?

Out on the town, top of the list
From droppin hits you can't resist
Ya know this life is tough
But someone's gotta do it
I'm ready, are you ready?

Watch out!
We're comin through and we're crazy
Yeah, we know how to live the good life baby
Won't drop, the party never stops
So you better get ready cause we're gonna set it off

We're breakin hearts and takin names
It's just a game we like to play
Too young to fall in love
But I'm still gonna do my thing
I'm ready, are you ready?

So decadent and heaven sent
This is a night you won't forget
Fulfilling fantasies
And then we're on the road again
I'm ready, are you ready?
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Let's Get Ready Lyrics

Cascadence – Let's Get Ready Lyrics